Child Health


Change4Life aims to ensure parents have the essential support and tools they need to make healthier choices for their families. Modern life can mean people are a lot busier, less active, and more reliant on convenience and fast food than we used to be.


Is my Child Too Ill For School?

When your child is unwell, it can be hard deciding whether to keep them off school. These simple guidelines should help.

Website: NHS: Is my child too ill for school?

Childhood illness visual guide

Use this visual guide to help you identify common conditions and illnesses that may affect your child. Includes conditions such as measles, slapped cheek syndrome, chicken pox and warts.

Website: NHS: Visual Guide for Childhood illnesses

Child Fun

Fun, engaging and exciting health and hygiene themed activities. All activities are available at no cost and are free.


Child Health Visitor


  • Mossley Clinic, Market Street,Mossley, OL5 0HE

Telephone: 01457 850 512

Website: Saddleworth North and South Children’s Centre

Vaccination planner

Download a personalised vaccination calendar, which highlights the dates your child needs to have their vaccinations by.

Website: NHS: Vaccination Schedule