Community Groups

Mossley Community Association

There are many activities for all ages are held at the Centre.

Website: Mossley Community Association

Coffee Morning, Action Together

Coffee morning once a month which will include food/sandwiches/raffle tickets and is open to any age group. The cost is £1 per person.

Website: Action Together: Coffee Morning


Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities.



Stitch is the world’s largest companionship community created by members, for members. Being part of a community makes life richer and more fun. Because everybody needs companionship, especially now.


Brunch Club, Action together

Brunch Club is a wonderful way for people to get together, have a chat and meet new friends – all over unlimited cuppas and a bacon sarnie! (other taste-bud tantalisers are available!) For just £3.70 a week.

Website: Action Together: Brunch Club



Spice have an incredible range of events. If you’re looking for a fantastic social group you don’t need to look any further! You can increase your social circle and wave boredom goodbye – it is a great way to meet new people and make new friends!


Social Circle

Free online experiences with a new, social community. Unlike any other social groups online, Social Circle includes a huge range of events free to members: regular cinema trips to see the latest films, fitness classes and cultural and social events – the list goes on.

Telephone: 0161 434 0098



Social Prescribing

By working closely together with GPs, nurses and other health care professionals patients are now being referred to a range of local, non-clinical services – services that could be used to treat or help with a range or issues.